Comic Book Review: Seven To Eternity #1

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Well, lets look at Seven to Eternity!

Seven to Eternity is a breath taking fantasy adventure that is set in a world where The God of Whispers has essentially drove the entire world into a paranoia and fear driven land! Adam Osidis is one of the few remaining knights and now he is caught in the midst of either bowing down to the God of Whispers for every desire or stop it by joining forces with a bunch of rebel magic users!

It is rare we get an apocalypse fantasy book now days with all the super hero genres being the big cheese now days. Legendary (IMO) writer Rick Remender sends us on a magical journey of attempting to survive when a god decides that he wants to be a selfish meanie head and take over the entire world! For some reason that sounded so much better in my head.

If the story does not captivate you then the art will hands down. Jerome Opera and Matt Hollingsworth paint a beautiful and stunning world to look at, each page is so detailed and gorgeous, it makes you want to continue to read even if it is just to look at the pretty pictures!

I have to say Seven to Eternity is amazing, it has everything you need in an apocalypse fantasy book: It has Romance, Sword fights, Demons, Gods, GIANT TREE PEOPLE! Every page you were drawn in by the art that leaped off the pages and the writing was cleaver and full of emotion…it’s *clears throat*..really good.