Comic Book Review: Secret Identities #3

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Secret Identities are fun to have, it keeps people guessing who you really are…unless you’re Iron Man who just doesn’t give a crap. But regardless of all that lets fly right into Secret Identities #3

Our story leaves our “hero” Crosswind encountering a new super villain known at The Example…not sure what he’s an Example of but..maybe of sunshine and rainbows? The Example beats up Crosswind and returns to report that this new villain  is on the lose to our favorite super hero team..the Brady Bu–I mean the Front Lines. After some investigating by the assortment of heroes, we discover that The Example of Something is made up of the same chemicals as a cleaner renewable energy source created by a company called Zanadex Corporation, hm sounds like an interesting good time.

I still can’t really understand why his name was The Example but…Secret Identities should keep a lot of loyal fans around, Brian Joines and Jay Faerber are great writers bringing a super hero team like no other and making sure everyone sees their time to shine at just the right moments…even if it includes Punchline getting beaten all the time. Ilias Kyriazis continues to impress with his unique designs of each character! Secret Identities is a book that shouldn’t be kept…secret…hahaahahahaahahahahahaha….Kill me.


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