Comic Book Review: Secret Identities #2

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Have you noticed our website has a different layout? Pretty cool huh? Well anyway lets get on with the review!

Secret Identities #2 opens us up with two guys interrogating a guy who completely destroyed the Leisure Center in Chicago because he was bored. Which, sure why the heck not! We then cut to our lovable super hero team Front Liner fighting the Five Stages…of Depression…which is sad really. They announce to the world after fighting depression that Crosswind has officially joined the team. Celebrating back at HQ Recluse and Gaijin head to the docks to stop a smuggling ring, Punchline and Luminary bond, Helot and Vesuvius spar and……

Secret Identities seems to be a breath of fresh air, Jay Faerber and Brian Joines step their game up to keep us guessing with who Crosswind really is and giving each and every character a chance to shine without over powering one another. Ilias Kyriazis brings the detailed art style tying everything together in this nice on going series. Secret Identities is going to be a lot of fun,

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