Comic Book Review: Rumble #2

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Yea know whats a really great feeling? When you come home from a long day and your snake demon is happy to see you…no I’m not talking about Duff, we are talking about Rumble #2

Our story opens up with an old man being greeted by a hydra snake thing, thats how life is now. We cut back to where we left off where our main hero Bobby and the giant scarecrow are fighting demons…more like Bobby freaking out and Mr. Hulkbarbarianman is beating up zombies. Bobby wakes up pants less and gives the not to his friend who discovers that the entirely pointless. We then see the giant hay sack leave to go fight the old man with the snake who’s actually the god Asura, for some reason. We then discover that the scarecrows name is Rathraq because why wouldn’t it be?

Rumble is still an interesting piece, it really hasn’t explained whats going on quiet yet but it’s still interesting enough to continue reading. John Arcudi is still fantastically trying to create a story that a lot of people might not understand, but continues to keep the curiosity flowing for readers to come. James Harren has gave us awesome artwork with depth in detail all the same.