Comic Book Review: Rivers of London #1

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For future reference I decided to consider myself always drawn to the weird and bizarre, which is why I feel as though many of my friends are either aliens or just hamsters in human suites. Anyway, lets look at Rivers of London #1!

Who are you going to call when there’s something strange in your neighborhood? That’s right, Peter Grant of the supernatural investigation squad known as Falcon. He’s helping out with an investigation about someone driving into a river and drowning to death. However, the other two detectives: Sahra Guleed and Miriam Stephanopoulos (it’s a really fun last name to say.) Doesn’t believe it has anything to do with magic, so how does Peter know there’s magic involved? Because a friend of his is the daughter of the river god, and the guy just happened to die in her river…yeah! Skip a few ahead and it turns out that the dead mans ex girlfriend decided to damage the guys engine in order to get revenge for him cheating on her…but she paid for it so he wouldn’t press charges. After tracking a few leads Peter ends up at the mechanics shop…and their he’s attacked by Christine!…yea know..the killer car?

Loosely based on the book of the same name: Rivers of London provides sort of a weak set up, Ben Aaronovitch (author of the original novel) and Andrew Cartmel write this story which feels like we could have had a little bit more of a push when it comes to a supernatural police officer, we get a lot of brief explanations, it feels like there could have been a little bit more added to explaining the character Peter Grant and the situations at hand. But then it gets awesome at the last few pages! Lee Sullivan does a great job with the art work, creating a beautiful book to just kind of admire the scenery in it. That being said, since it’s based on a novel by the same author of this comic book…here’s hoping that more will be explained in the upcoming issues!

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