Comic Book Review: Reggie and Me #1

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Note: This book goes on sale December 7th! 

This book caught my eye, yes it is an early comic review, but I really wanted to review this book…for some reason or another, you’ll see why. Also, I apologize for not being around as often. The school is kicking my butt.

Reggie and Me opens up with learning that Reggie is: The Prince of Darkness, The Walking Dread (HA!), The closest thing Riverdale has to a Super-Villain. But nobody knows him better and can back up that argument more than his trusty little dachshund doggie: Vader. That is to say, this entire book is told in Vader’s point of view on who Reggie is.

Reggie and Me is..for lack of better terms: down right adorable. Vader  looks up to Reggie as a true man’s best friend and emphasizes that yes, Reggie is a horrible human being, but at the same time has a lot of different layers to him. Without giving it away…you almost feel an attachment to Reggie and can almost relate to him as an underlying person, mixed in with the loyalty of Vader telling the story, it is almost heart warming. Tom DeFalco does a wonderful job tugging at your heartstrings and makes you laugh with Vader’s narration of how Reggie acts as a person…and also how confused a dog is about cellular devices.

I suggest looking for Reggie and Me #1 in stores December 7th!

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