Comic Book Review: Red Lance #1

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I was asked to take a look at Red Lance Comics very own Red Lance comic book series! So lets just dive right in all you…slightly okay looking people.

Red Lance is written almost like your typical super hero comic book. The story follows Red Lance as their city Meyers Square, Centerpoint is plagued by a deadly virus! The only person in the world immune to it is the villain Cataclysm and his army of robotic dogs are running rampant in the streets and causing havoc…that is all.

Red Lance is a very basic yet likable comic. The first issue throws us directly into the fray, introducing us to each of the members of Red Lance, and the plot. It reminds me of old school comics where the plot is not overly complicated and it is very easy to follow. Sure none of the characters have backstories in the actual book, but each one has their own unique personality, which I do feel is kind of missing in modern comics.

The biggest aspect of this series is the art work, it’s beautiful, gritty and sketchy and if you know me I’m a sucker for that kind of art style. It fits perfectly with the story and the character designs are fantastic, Cataclysm is probably the best design with Stonefish being a close second.

So as I was saying, if you like simple and old fashion comics, then please check out Red Lance!