Comic Book Review: Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth

In Comic Books, DC Comics by Iron Squid2 Comments

Hello everyone welcome back to my comic review! This time I’ll be taking a look at a character that can’t make up his mind on what he wants to be! That’s…Red Hood and the Outlaws!

Red Hood and the Outlaws opens up with another flash back of what we already know…Jason Todd aka Robin becoming the Red Hood because The Joker beat the crap out of Jason and killed him, a Lazarus pit brought him back and now he’s out in the streets being more brutal then Batman would ever be, like killing people and probably punching a little harder! We then get another section where we see Red Hood attacking the mayor and then eventually getting invited to the Black Mask: False Face Society for the amazing stunt he did…but..there is quiet a brilliant twist!

Red Hood and The Outlaws Rebirth #1 isn’t even Red Hood and the Outlaws, in fact it doesn’t even have the other Outlaws in it: Starfire, Red Arrow…Bizzaro. At the same time I can’t say it brings anything new to the table with what we already know about Jason Todd becoming Red Hood, what I can say about it though is it does allow for newer readers to get into a fantastic and classic cannon Batman story to really grasp the feeling of Batman! So pick it up if you’re new and if you’re a fan of Red Hood and the Outlaws and just like Red Hood…then also pick it up!