Comic Book Review: Red Hood and the Outlaws #2

In Comic Books, DC Comics by Iron Squid3 Comments


When we left last our “hero” we ended with Artemis busting through the train about to fight the Red Hood, and that is exactly what happens in this issue. We get the plot set up with Artemis looking for the Bow of Ra and Red Hood is still working undercover for the Black Mask. Or is all of this just seemed kind of shoehorned in?

Red Hood and the Outlaws seems a little bit forced with including Artemis, the biggest questions is: Why is Black Mask interested in an ancient artifact that can destroy the world? That seems out of place for a Batman villain and just a low level mob boss in general. I will say that Red Hood and Artemis do have some fantastic dialogue and banter which makes up for the slightly off the wall plot thread.

So far the series is not bad, the art work still is very appealing and probably the best part of this issue so far. I’ve followed this series and added it to my pull list to see how far it goes and I can say that this issue is the weakest out of the three books currently out. But hey, I’ll continue reading to see where it goes!


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