Comic Book Review: Oxymoron – The Loveliest Nightmare

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Comix Tribe

Tyler James & John Lees, Alex Cormack

118 Pages

“You are not in control.”

Six months after her partner’s murder, Detective Mary Clark of the Swanstown Police Department finds herself up against an enemy nothing could have prepared her to face. A psychopathic terrorist named Oxymoron announces his grisly mission through the murders of corrupt government officials, crime lords, and media figures while inflicting enormous innocent casualties in the process. And what’s worse? He’s dedicated his entire show to Mary Clark. With little time and few options, Clark must navigate her own demons and come right up to the edge of becoming a monster herself in order to outplay a very bad man with nothing to lose and a deadly message that leaves the entire city on its knees. If we stuffed V for Vendetta and the Joker into a blender and poured out a whole new breed of monster, it would be Oxymoron. Toying with fanaticism, terror, and harrowing psychological thrills, this book spells out “psychopath” in a whole knew way.

I ripped through this book as fast as I could possibly turn the pages. I loved it for the same reason the Joker is one of my favorite villains of all time. They’re the “big bad.” These kinds of villains scare us so much because they’re so inhuman they can’t be beaten. They slip away. They permeate and destroy our concept of safety because they tread the blurred line between what we know and what we can never understand. We begin to think our hero can’t win because the bad guy already won six moves ago, we’re just helplessly flipping pages while the rest of the inevitable end plays out. The way Mary Clark changes throughout the book is also fascinating. To see Oxymoron actually rubbing off on her is scary as hell. Not to mention the fact that his murder spree inspired a following of fanatics who begin to dismantle Swanstown from the inside out. Absolutely a worthwhile read.

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