Comic Book Review: Odyc #1

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Space, Olympians and…more space stuff! When those two powers combined they form, something really whacky, like the entire Odyssey retelling the genders completely swapped…what? I’m not lying, go read Odyc!

Odyc opens up with the ending of the great war that ended all other wars for all time, and that is a great movie title that someone should start writing a script for (Trademark Slack Jaw Punks!) the story follows Odyssia who from what we can gather is drifting through space as the Gods plan their next line of attack on other worlds. As Odyssia is attacked by a group of Cicone ships and are boarded and taken over. We get just a small taste of what is to come in Odyc.


An interesting tidbit about this book, you really have to understand mythology to really grasp the subject of what is going on. It might require one or two reads to get into this title, as for me this one isn’t really a strong impact. Matt Fraction does a wonderful job telling the story in a reverse Wonder Woman style role and Christian Ward does an amazing job doing the art, in all honest that is what really ties this entire book together is the art work, it’s a very unique and interesting to look at. However, this book is written more for mythology buffs!

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