Comic Book Review: Oddly Normal #3

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Tree McBarkstach, if we could come up with one name for a giant tree with a handle bar mustache then that would be his name. He would be the greatest character of all time and fight with a giant shovel, now that would be a story everyone would read. Also, you should be reading Oddly Normal…and if you’re not then you should be hit with a very large stick.

Oddly Normal when we last left this little bundle of joy, was transported to a wonderful little nation called Fignation after her parents and her entire house vanished into thin air. We see Auntie…still named Auntie, meditating trying to discover where exactly Oddly’s house disappeared to while Oddly was lazy and slept for three days. We get a small glimpse of what Fignation as Oddly is on her way to school, because no matter where you go school always follows you! As Oddly arrives at school after riding on a giant bug bus…(now named Steven by myself) things soon start to heat up!

Oddly Normal is still a breathe of fresh air when it comes to a fantasy story with colorful art work and interesting creature designs, its simple yet pleasing and as stated before there are a lot of Wizard of Oz references scattered throughout issue #3 and for some reason gives you a nostalgic feel when discovering these little “easter eggs.” Otis Frampton continues to take us on this ever growing story in a steady pace that gives the reader a chance to enjoy the story instead of hitting them straight on. Look forward to Oddly Normal #3 in stores today!

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