Comic Book Review: Oddly Normal #2

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Oddly Normal…no, not the novel, we are talking about the new comic book called Oddly Normal released by Image Illustrated and written by Otis Frampton, yea know…that guy who does that web series: How It Should Have Ended? No? Doesn’t ring a bell? Well look it up! Because we are reviewing his new released comic book Oddly Normal! Except this is issue #2.


Oddly Normal follows the adventures of a young girl named: Oddly Normal, who is the daughter of a witch from a magical realm known as: Fignation….get it? It’s a pun.  She one day comes home from school and accidentally wishes that her parents would disappear. She wakes up in the middle of the location that her once stood. This leads into the new Wizard of Oz inspired story: Oddly Normal.


Oddly Normal #2 introduces a new characters: Oddly Normals Aunt…Auntie…she meets up with Oddly and discovers that Oddly has cased a strange and powerful spell that cannot be reversed for an unknown reason. However, Auntie states to Oddly that the only safe location at the moment would be the magical world Fignation!

Oddly Normal is a quirky little gem that has a creative spin on an already old tale, you can really see the Wizard of Oz inspired story dripping from the pages of the first two issues. Otis Frampton’s art work is fitting for a fantasy story like this, with a solid likable character starting out. If Issue #1 and #2 were as pleasant at this, then we can expect more smash hits from this little new fairy tale story.