Comic Book Review : Norman

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So…..Norman…Norman, Norman, Norman, Norman.  What can I say about you?  First off, You are totally twisted and I love you.  LOL

Think of Norman as Stan Silas’ most amazing character EVER.  He’s the 8 year old, that we all love and wish to be like.  He doesn’t take shit from anyone and he’s Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers, all rolled into one litter person, who is always accompanied by a little Purple devil, whom he can only see and hear.

Did I mention, that this book is written, penned and inked by Stan Silas? What an amazing artist and writer he is. The clean lines and vibrant blood colors, really make Norman what he truly is…..A little 8 year old psychopath, but you just have to love him.  He is so innocent and amazing. Well, maybe not completely innocent, but still.

His teacher is hot, a complete drunk and doesn’t take crap from her kids, in her class.  It doesn’t matter if they go missing or not.

Her sympathy leaves much to be desired and her people skills are, well, let’s just say underdeveloped.

This is one book, that is a must in everyone’s bookshelf.


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