Comic Book Review: No Mercy #1

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Teenagers are awful excuses for humans….

No Mercy #1 opens up with a bunch of bratty teens complaining about the air port since teenagers need to complain about stupid stuff. Our main character…ers? Chad, Charlene, Creepy kid, Gina, the Black guy, Murray, Tiffani, Lily, the Hippie (Hint: all the character names are in the front of the book): have just arrived in Mataguey where ever that maybe. We are introduced to a Nun who is escorting them to their primary destination of Ixtaclan, which is a place. They all pile into the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Bus along with a mysterious uncle of the Nun: And then their bus flies of the side of the road…that escalated quickly.

If you are unaware Alex De Campi is writing this story, which in turn answers your primary question: Yes we did interview her on Comics R Kewel, and yes this book is awesome…it’s almost like Battle Royal only with mellow dramatic teenagers instead of….dramatic teenagers. Carla Speed McNeil does the art work which brings each character into a stereotype that is captured perfectly, it’s…really good.

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