Comic Book Review: No. 1 With a Bullet

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I don’t really have a witty opening and I’m still recovering from Halloween…so here is No. 1 With a Bullet.

No. 1 With a Bullet follows Nash, she “works” as an unpaid intern at a big news, Nash is given essentially busy work: Getting coffee, dropping off Jad Davies sons school books, because intern labor doesn’t happen without Jad Davies giving it to you NOW! There is some foreshadowing in that sentence but we will just move along. But when a traumatizing accident befalls on Nash, her entire world is turned upside down!

Combining social media and horror, Jacob Semahn and Jorge Corona have created a story that needed to be told. No. 1 With a Bullet is created for those who want a different genre of horror and the message hits close to home. Nash is a fantastic main character, you can really put yourself in her shoes with every step that she takes. This opens up a whole new door of horror to consider, instead of your classic monsters and serial killers you’re instead terrorized by…well, just regular stupid people.

The things that work well with this book has to be first off, Jorge’s fun popping but sketchy art style, it’s colorful and each character has a personality that he draws into them, at the same time though it can come off as too bright sometimes with the various yellows and reds and at times a little dark to tell what is going on, but after you immerse yourself into the story everything appears as a perfect blend.

Now, as for the story if you’re a fan of slow burns you will enjoy this book, it pays off and gives you a true rush of paranoia, if you are not a fan of slow burns then this book will end up boring you and turn you away, but give it a chance as you will not be disappointed! You can feel how much time and effort Jacob and Jorge put into this first issue of the new social media thriller!

No. 1 With a Bullet is a must read for this year and will hopefully continue to make an impact on the comic book universe, issue one has already dropped so if you want to put this on your pull, I highly recommend it, No. 1 With a Bullet knows exactly what it wants to be and exactly what kind of story it wants to tell!