Comic Book Review: Nameless #1

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Life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re going to get, you’re all excited to play this little guessing game…then you realized you got the really crappy raspberry nougat filled one…then you die a little on the inside because your life is meaningless and you can’t have good chocolate. But I’m here for you: but only to tell you about Nameless #1

Our story opens up with any other Super Bowl Sunday party with mass murder and fish people. We meet our hero right away named; Nameless, I mean…it’s better than a name like Hogarth. The fish people take him to the Veiled Lady who states that he will not be taking the almighty Dream Key…following me yet? Well I’m not, because he was also hired to steal that key. Nameless fleas with the key and takes it to the clients, where we discover the key is to the Anti-Universe. Well, that sums everything up nicely.

Bluntly put this book isn’t really for me, maybe it’s because the whole dream paradox mumbo jumbo has always been confusing to me. Even then I really want to like this one by Grant Morrison since he’s always been spot on with his writing. Chris Burnham you can never go wrong with as he makes a very detailed painting of the world, however that’s not enough to tie me in…lets hope we can see what’s going on in issue 2!

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