Comic Book Review: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1

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Moon Girl is one special gal. Born with super smarts, a restless curiosity and less-than-desirable social skills, Lunella Lafayette must navigate the angst of tween life while searching for a way to prevent the inhuman genes she was born with from changing her into something, well, inhuman. Along the way a mishap and a handful of bad luck teleports a building-sized, red T-rex into her life (and into our hearts). With more than just freaky genes and an introverted personality to worry about, we can only hope Moon Girl has what it takes to prevent the big bad dino from sending her hometown back to the stone age.

It didn’t take very much besides the giant red T rex on the cover to get me on board with this one. When I was a wee lass, I flat out just wanted a pet dinosaur. I could not for the life of me wrap my little sugar-propelled noggin around the absurd idea that I could not, in fact, have a pet dinosaur. I mean come ON. Forget the stupid SCHOOL BUS, let me go ahead and park my GIANT CARNIVOROUS LIZARD REAL QUICK. How awesome is that idea?? But noooo, reality had to be a thing

But anyway, I’m over it.

The book has a fantastic handle on Moon Girl’s funny personality and relatable woes. There’s also just the right amount of humor and the underlying plot of the inhuman genes and whatever they mean create a constant, darker undertone that keeps reminding us it’s still lurking just beyond our reach. While seemingly kiddish on the surface, Moon Girl actually gives us a thoughtful, developed storyline anyone could get behind.

Point is I still want a pet dinosaur, but I’ll probably be happy with Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur instead. Plus, you know, no tyranno-sized craps in the back yard is a solid plus…


Side note: Comics R Kewel did an Interview with Brandon Montclare coming soon!

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