Comic Book Review: Monstrous #1

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Okay, I’m late on this…work and school have been annoying and I’ve been slacking prepping for some other projects. But, as promised here is my review on Monstrous #1 from our great friend Greg Wright!

Monstrous tells us the story of Frankensteins Monster, except the Doctor hated him and decided to focus on robots, the monster gets jealous and makes monsters of his own. Now Doctor Frankenstein and The Monster are at war with each other, but thats not what this is about. we cut to Bavaria where we meet a small child named Ilsa, she is on her way to…hire robots to go and kill the killer who killed her father. We are introduced to Dr. Frankenstein who tells her that they will do that eventually, however once Ilsa leaves she is taken away by a monster bunny who’s wanted for murder named..Gruber. Ilsa decides to hire Gruber to killer the killer that killed her father, but at the cost of helping Gruber clear his name, because he’s wanted for murder…and he didn’t do it.

Monstrous is nothing like I’ve read before, it’s probably one of the most unique horror comics I’ve read in a long time. Greg Wright crafts a spectacular story right with monsters and steam punk galore! Ken Lamug art makes this story even more entertaining with dark but vibrant colors that makes it very catching to the eye…kind of like Mignolas art.