Comic Book Review: Millennium #1

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Do real peoples faces freak you out on comic books? I mean, really freak you out? It’s like their eyes are cold and dead and probably don’t want to look at sweaty guys in a comic shop all day. It’s really weird when the real persons face looks like the guy in the comic book…actually that’s another interesting topic, is it possible that a comic book is just a look into someone else’s actual life…that’s enough drinks for me, I should look at Millennium #1.

This book starts off right before the new Millennium (the year 2000), and NO that doesn’t represent the age of the earth…dummy. We cut to one hero of the story Agent Mulder, who has just convicted the serial killer Mr. Propps. We jump to our next person the primary hero of this story, Frank Black who has the paranormal ability to see through the eyes of serial killers, like most peoples abilities, according to Agent Mulder; Mr. Propps might have something to do with the mysterious group known at The Millennium Group.

Looking back and doing a little research it turns out with was a TV series in 1996, since I just watched the Muppets back then I really never saw this series. But honestly I’m surprised it only last three seasons and really glad it became a comic book. Joe Harris the guy behind the X-files comics creates an interesting concept of the paranormal with wanting to bring a bizarre ability into the world and still maintain it as “normal” Colin Lorimer gives us his rendition of a creepy yet subtle tone in his art work that is capturing the atmosphere perfectly. However…is it really needed to see into a killers eyes?

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