Comic Book Review: MegaMan #49

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Hey! Hey! Hey! Guess what!? That’s right I’m talking to myself and I get to review a MegaMan comic book! Wait…I’m doing what? Really? A MegaMan comic? Is this book leading up to the epic cross over in two weeks called Worlds Unite or that we also Interviewed the artist (Dan Schoening) of that book on our podcast: Comics R Kewel? Nah that’s silly.

We open up with our little blue bomber MegaMan reprogramming and bringing QuickMan back online. QuickMan is informed that Dr. Wily is dead (he isn’t) and that brings us to discovering that all of the robots Dr. Wily has created have been pieced back together and MegaMan is now trying to have them become helpful robots. Including: TopMan, WindMan, CrashMan, BatMan, SuperMan, WonderWoMan…okay those last three are made up..but you follow me. Back at Dr. Wilys castle we discover that…he’s not dead! Who would have thought, instead he was healed by the mysterious Dr. X. But what is Dr. X planning with Dr. Wily? Well…find out!

To be perfectly honest with this, I’ve never really been a MegaMan fan, I’ve played the games and watched the tv shows, but that’s about it. These books are a little to kiddish for me but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t good. Granted they will appeal to younger audiences and adults who followed the games and TV shows. But just to be clear, it’s a staple book to read for the upcoming cross over event: Worlds Unite. Iann Flynn gives us a great read for fans of the MegaMan series and the art work by Ryan Jampole man brings back the memories of the games, with classic designs from the robots that I remember…and some new ones that I’ve never seen. So if you’re a fan of the series or a small’ll like this book.

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