Comic Book Review: Mayday #1

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Here is Mayday…

Mayday takes place in the 1970s Cold War era where our two main Soviet Operatives: Rose and Felix are sent to California to kill a man who has information on Vietnam, but things take a turn for the worst after they do something really strange and out of character for any kind of operative on a highly classified important mission to receive information.

Mayday, It sets itself up to be a really great spy thriller but right around the middle, it takes a complete left turn and just feels way out of character. Usually, you’re supposed to be rooting for your main characters regardless if they are an antagonist or protagonist. But in this case, Rose and Felix just kind of suck as spies, they complete the mission which is very exciting and at first make them seem very likable. But right around the middle, we are left slapped in the face by such an asinine situation that most spies probably wouldn’t do, to begin with.

Alex De Campi is a fantastic writer, the story itself is pretty solid with the whole classic spy genre down packed completely. She does make you feel like you are hanging out in the 1970s with classic 70s music and speaking. Also…hippies, but I cannot feel a little betrayed when it came to Felix and Rose jumping out of character to do something they should have seen coming a mile away. Tony Parker’s artwork is actually rather great, he uses dark tones and vibrant colors to capture the 70s rather brilliantly and makes you really appreciate the time period it takes place in.