Comic Book Review: Material #1

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One thing interesting about comic books is that you can be as experimental as you want and nothing gets as experimental as Material #1 from the award winning writer Ales Kot.

Material is about…..well it’s about…I really have no idea what this book is about. From what I can gather is it’s broken up into three different parts: a washed up actress who is offered another chance to not be Lindsey Lohan, a boy who’s caught up in some revolutionary army and decides to do what revolutionary people do, a man who comes back from Guantanamo Bay and is terrified of dogs and a shadow, and then a professor that is contacted by some form of being, something like Skynet but not Skynet. Honestly, that’s the entire book.

Ales Kot (writer of Zero) decides to write a really really confusing tale about 4 people that have nothing to do with each other. There isn’t to many interesting things to say about this book, it’s bland and doesn’t come off as fun or enjoyable. Will Tempest brings us the art, it’s a little awkward and weird. This book just doesn’t work…

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