Comic Book Review: Mars Attacks Occupation #1

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Writer: John Layman, Artist: Andy Kuhn, IDW Publishing

If we are ever invaded by aliens in the next year, I’m afraid they’d make people a lot less dumb..which would make things a lot less fun. But you know what’s not fun? Alien invasions!


Mars Attacks Occupation takes place when the martians with giant green brains finally concur earth, and not with old school trading cards. Martians are everywhere, they have enslaved humanity to do tasks that are apparently good for humans “hard work.” However our hero Ruby Johnson has a little more to say then just “Hail the Overseer Zar!” She has a dream, a big dream…a dream that involves fighting these stinking Martians and winning back humanity!

There has always been a soft spot for the Mars Attacks series for me, it’s comical and fun to pick up. It never takes itself to seriously to the point of Alien or Independence Day, which makes it a great title to pick up and chuckle. Mars Attacks Occupation is just a fun read for those who are fans of the series or just someone who enjoys science fiction! I’d recommend Mars Attacks Occupation all day, I loved it.