Comic Book Review: Man Plus #1

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Set in a futuristic dystopian Portugal, Man Plus follows the efforts of a specialized government taskforce headed by Roderigo Borgonha to track down and deactivate a rogue android before it wreaks havoc on the city. With three civilians dead and a band of cyborgs equipped with military-grade weapons willing to do anything and everything to catch the android first, Roderigo and his team face much more risk than they anticipated.

As a Sci-Fi nut I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It’s best described as a thriller burrito stuffed with a mix of CSI and iRobot, topped with technically flawless writing, a gritty aesthetic and an addicting story you could imagine Jason Statham starring in if it were made into a movie. Which it totally should be. In fact, Titan picked up this title after it had enjoyed plenty of success as a webcomic (which currently has three issues up for those of us, including me, who need to know what happens next).

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Man Plus explores the fuzzy line between humanity and machines. It’s more than just the digital age. Mechanical implants made to enhance humanity effectively strip it from us. Machines with brains so advanced they begin to wonder what’s so different between them and living people. As the two extremes gradually converge, Man Plus leaves us the unnerving question: Is there really an “us” and a “them?”

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