Comic Book Review: Lord of Gore #1

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Devils Due reached out and handed me a comic that I expected to be Game of Thrones meets some kind of gritty B Movie Gore Fest. Disappointment came over me as I discovered that this was only half true. Also, it does not star Bruce Campbell fighting demons in the medieval period.

First off the very first scenes of the book peaked my curiosity in almost an instant.

Lord of Gore follows an almost washed up screen writer Danny Graves, he is known for screenwriting the cult horror films: Lord of Gore. His entire life has essentially hit rock bottom as rumor has it, he is not being considered to write the new Lord of Gore movie. The book takes a look into what happens in the world of horror movies and how almost mind numbingly backstabby stab it can be, also underneath all of this gore might be some actual gore..if you catch my drift.

D.B Stanleys writing makes you feel like you are in a cheesy horror movie and that is definitely not a bad thing. Each character will bring a small piece of the overlying story arc of this series. We don’t get a whole lot of info except some key plot points that will shift the story in multiple different directions. Who is the Headsmen? What happened on the set of Lord of Gore? There are just so many questions squeezed into this one issue and it works so well.

Not shy of the horror genre comes artist Daniel Leister of Hack/Slash, brings us dark and gritty art work that makes you feel like you art a con goer watching all of this unfold like some kind of weird freaking crazed fan….shame on you. I also have to say, I really enjoy his way he draws somebody getting ran over by a’s almost…uncomfortable.

As for my only real complaint, is right when it got to story of Danny I felt a little bit off put. The blood bath in the beginning was awesome and I expected it to be exactly that, a mindless blood and gore fest! HOWEVER, I will say that once you realize the way the book is written, you realize it is really smart for what it is accomplishing. Well done you guys..well done.