Comic Book Review: Liberty: Deception #0

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Writer: Travis Vengroff, Artist: Casey Bailey

When I gathered a bunch of different comic book artists and writers from C2E2 I was eager to start reading what they had to offer, and I have to admit there are some really great gems that were hidden among them. One of which was Liberty by Travis Vengroff, we recently released the Kickstarter for him and his team…and now I’m going to review Liberty #0!

Liberty starts off in Claw’s shitty apartment, that’s not me being funny that’s the opening, anyway there sits a group of arms dealers known as the Conways: Claw, Gust, Will and Live, they play cards and talk about how they are out of water tokens and none of the usual gangs are buying lately since there hasn’t been any kind fighting? Regardless, Claw decides to inform them that he has a contact from a new gang known as Prox, and they are interested in buying their weapons..but yea know things aren’t always that easy….

Liberty is an exciting ride for a short 12 page read, I’m not really one to dive into science fiction genres unless given them, and they are usually just the same style…aliens, robots etc, with a few minor exceptions. Liberty is one of those exceptions, it’s fun to see the more dirtier side of the galaxy for once instead of your typical space heroes. Also, the art is fantastic to look at, each character has a unique feel to them that really brings each character to life! I’d recommend supporting the Kickstarter and picking up Liberty wherever you maybe!


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