Comic Book Review: Lenore Pink Bellies

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Why is this the first I’m hearing of this?  Seriously!  I had the time of my life reading this amazing volume.  The entire time I was reading it, I just could not stop.

Lenore, Pooty, Ragamuffin and Taxidermy have found a new place in my heart.  I am going out this weekend and finding the rest of these..OMG.  It is fantastic!  Roman Dirge is a genius, an amazing writer and the art, I could not be more happy with.  Pickle Hat?  LMAO.

O.K.  I will say this…everyone needs to own this.  I found the sarcastic humour simply put, brilliant. Everything about this book screams, BUY ME!  Roman is my new F@#king Hero.  I have not seen or read stuff like this….well honestly since Invader Zim.  That says a lot.


I am going to recommend………Pickle Hat?…….O.K….O.K….I’m going to stop now…….Taco Bell worm?…..O.K…seriously!….I am going to recommend this to everyone I meet….well….forever.  I’ve said too much already.


This is me Hoping for more.


Oh yes…It will be available February 4th.


Until next time,


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  • Bub

    I think Just Bob really liked this one… Maybe a lil’ too much…