Comic Book Review: Kingdom of the Wicked

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Whelp I’m back against my will to write the first review of the New Year! Unfortunately for Titan Comics, I get to review one of their lovely little books. I chose a small title that critics are raving about because when critics rave it’s usually about something from 1996! Wait…what?

Kingdom of the Wicked starts off with a an explanation of the earth being created by a giant chicken laying an egg, while the LSD kicks in for yea we then cut to Tiny Tom Fish Head and Wavy Davy Dali, since I’m not getting paid to make stuff up. It tells the small story of our main villain being introduced as “The Boy” with Wavy Davy and Tiny Tom Fish head being naughty and then we move onto our main character Chris Grahame who turned into an over night celebrity with his books, and he hates it, throws up and is then dropped into a magical land with Fuzzbox the teddy bear fighting a giant war in fictional world Chris created as a kid: Castrovalva. This is just 20 pages by the way…

There is A LOT to talk about with Kingdom of the Wicked, being able to cover everything that’s going on is trying to cover everything in this book would ruin the magic that is behind this twisted tale of fantasy, what sets this book apart from other graphic novels now days is it pays homage to old school fairy tales, almost like it’s trying to be a newer Grimm Fairy Tale…and it works! Writer Ian Edginton shows that tales can still be twisted in this day and age while D’Israeli (Matt Brooker) colorful art ties it together with a happy go lucky but frightening art style!

Kingdom of the Wicked is out in stores now in Hard Back! Go get it!


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