Comic Book Review: Justice League/Power Rangers #1

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I am back and I promise to be on time as my school schedule is freeing up! So, let us dive into a book that I thought was already out, but turns out it came out this week! Justice League/Power Rangers.

First things first, the story starts off with Zack who has destroyed Angel Grove and is reaching out for Supermans’ hand. We cut back to the Mighty Zordon and the rest of the rangers and discover that Alpha 5 is missing. Zack finds him, brings him back and that is where all hell breaks loose.

Justice League/Power Rangers is kind of strange to get used to, at first glance, it seems like the book would be a huge mess from the get go. But after a reading it and realizing that it has a lot of potential to have a solid story, Justice League/Power Rangers is off to a really good start for a comic that came out in the New Year! The way the characters interact with each other is rather corny and light-hearted, you can tell that Tom Taylor took the time to capture a 90s comic book feel to the story, rather than a dark and gritty approach. On that note, it is nice to see that Batman and Superman can still go back to that campy comic book dialogue and still blend in.

However, it is in no means a perfect comics, the story while yes has a lot of potential, you kind of feel it is a little forced in the very beginning. The transition from Angel Grove to the generic city that the JL are in seems a little bit forced. The art style takes a moment to get used to as everyone appears to have the same facial structure, not saying it is bad…just does not seem diverse on the face area..squinty eyes everywhere.

I say give JL/PR a shot and enjoy the ride, the book has a lot of potentials to be a really great read for hardcore readers all the way to someone just starting out in the comic book scene! Have fun!