Comic Book Review: Judas Breed #1

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Hey everyone, so at Taylor Comic Con this weekend I was screamed and yelled at by the table next to me, to review a comic that has the name of Judas Breed…why? Because! Anyway, Master Plot Comics gave me two comics…Judas Breed and then another one I’ll be reviewing later. So lets take a look at Judas Breed #1! I’ve said Judas Breed a lot…Judas Breed.

Judas Breed follows the story of a space crew visiting a planet for the 3 millionth time, because they found water spots! Woo! Anyway our team: Kevin, Connie, Greg, Tony, Linda and the rest of the Brady Bunch all land on the planet to find the little water pockets, as they start drilling Linda discovers a mysterious bone and thinks it’s a good idea to fall into a hole. As everyone panics and tries to get her out, Linda discovers something extraordinary! Alien bones…and a large pillbug type creature, so what do they decide to do? They take it on their ship…because these people have not seen Alien.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…I’m not huge into aliens, Im more a time traveller kind of guy. Judas Breed pays homage to what I feel like is the Alien movie series, with it being a mysterious alien race boarding a ship and then things get brutal. My only real complaint is that it’s predictable with the build up and what’s going to happen, if you’ve seen one science fiction horror alien comic then you’ve seen them all. However, although predictable Kenneth Brown really knows how to write a story, theres something about his writing style that holds your attention until the end going “I knew it..but I want to know what happens next.” Ryan Bests art work is simple, but the way he sets the mood with his dark tones and designs really ties the book together. In the end, I do encourage any science fiction nut who’s looking to help out the little guy…to check out Judas Breed!


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