Comic Book Review: Joe Frankenstein #1

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You know what’s good? When the pizza guy is there in 32 mins instead of 30 mins…and your pizza is free, now that is something we can all get behind. You know what’s not good, being attacked by vampire hookers, unless you’re into that kind of stuff…freak.

Frankensteins monster kicks down a door and saves a pizza delivery boy named Joe from being eaten by beating them up with pizza, because pizza is a weapon. We learn that Joe’s last name isn’t actually Pratt it is a much more…common name. Flash forward and we learn a little bit more about Joe’s life, he has a girlfriend named Skye, he is in foster care, and he is also being hunted by some crazy corporate vampire, which sounds like every Tuesday and Friday night.

Joe Frankenstein is probably one of the biggest nods to classic horror since DC’s Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E., sure with DC and Marvel going away from the supernatural ride, it’s nice to see books still popping up with classic monsters. Graham Nolan is the artist and co-writer that writes Frankenstein more as a guardian than a thuggish brute. The art work brings out the classic look with a slight cartoonish feel, sort of like watching a cheesy monster movie. Chuck Dixon is the second writer on the book and he’s fantastic too…however I’m not sure what exactly a co-writer does but case and point this is a great title!