Comic Book Review: Jim Henson’s The Storyteller – Dragons #1 Son of the Serpent

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Daniel Bayliss

Fabian Rangel Jr.

Length: 22p

Son of the Serpent is inspired by stories about the Horned Snake and the Thunderbird, two legendary creatures in Native American tradition. While out on a fishing trip, a father and son are attacked by a Horned Snake. Thunderbirds chase the monster away, but the son is thrown into the ocean and is separated from his father. Stranded on separate islands, the father must rely on the help of a sparrow to slay the Horned Snake and rescue his son. However, a mistake and a transformation threaten to keep the two apart forever.

This is the first issue of a four-part series, which will focus on dragon stories from around the world.

I jumped at the opportunity to read this one for two reasons. First, I love anything remotely to do with dragons. Second, the art style of this book is just gorgeous. The book takes the bold colors and geometric patterns characteristic of Native American art and gives them a modern twist. This, combined with the folk-tale quality of the story makes for a visually stunning and unique read I thoroughly enjoyed.

The only thing I stumbled over with this one is the use of dialogue that is decisively modern, so the characters were placed in a historical/magical setting but they spoke like people do today. I’m kind of torn about whether or not I liked that aspect, though. On one hand, it makes the read relatable to a modern audience and fits with the contemporary twist to the art style. On the other hand, it kind of takes away from the mystical, folk-tale-y feel of the book. That’s one I’m leaving to you guys to decide.