Comic Book Review: James Bond #1

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When I found out we were going to review Dynamite comics, my first thought was: “Hurray! Lord of the Jungle and what not!” Then, after a bit of realization I was reminded there was going to be a James Bond comic books and I immediately wanted it to be about  Sean Connery coming out of retirement, sadly that was not the case. James Bond #1.



008 has been murdered and what better way for 007 to get revenge then to hit the man with a shovel, chop off his fingers, say a really kick ass speech and then shoot him in the head. We now cut to some teenagers taking some kind of mysterious powdered drug known as Green, because all the cool kids. After that we are brought to our hero 007 walking into MI6 headquarters and unfortunately its Pierce Bronsnan, he has a chat with MoneyPenny and is immediately brought into M’s office and is told he will be taking over 008s case load because 007 doesn’t actually do any work, lazy! In short he is off to discover, you guessed it…what exactly the new drug called Green is all about, and of course he brings along his P99!

I’m excited to be able to review Dynamite Comics, James Bond is a great place to start! Warren Ellis does what he always does and makes a very risky character to put into comic book form, and makes it work like there’s no tomorrow! The only thing I can really say is the Jason Masters while artwork is fantastic, it’s a little bit strange for James Bond, but that’s probably because I’m so used to him being on the big screen! If you’re into spy comic books and looking for a Dynamite comic to start with..I’d recommend this.

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