Comic Book Review: Intersect #1

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Here at SlackJaw Punks we consider ourselves “family” oriented and a great benefit to society. So much so that on occasions we will read a comic book about a girl who has a face of a guy on the back of her head, and they are both able to swap out at random. Now that we have your attention let me direct you to the therapist office for your prescription of anti depressants. Oh and while you’re at it read this review of Intersect #1

Intersect is one of those books you have to read over and over again and will never actually understand what exactly is going on. From what the story is about: It follows a woman named Ali who is fused with the face of a guy on the back of her head and people are chasing her. This is the whole plot for right now, which brings us to our next statement: ITS. REALLY. AMAZING.

Intersect is a rare glimpse into the mind of Ray Fawkes (That guy who did The People Inside and one of my personal favorites Constantine) where he twists a story about transformation and shifting bodies, which makes this story a more than intriguing, Fawkes paints a picture in a water color style world (literally) that is a little bit hard to grasp and makes the reader almost put it down, but continue reading and you are filled with curiosity and wonder. Intersect is a small piece of a bigger puzzle this winter, and honestly…I think we can be okay with that.



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