Comic Book Review: Injection #1

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Is it bad when a comic book makes you really want to make a sandwich? Like making a HUGE turkey on rye with a little bit of mayo, then place a giant piece of cheese on it…mmmm…freaking sandwich.

Professor Maria Kilbride (has the coolest name in the world,) is a crazy scientist locked up in an asylum named Sawlung. She is greeted by a strange creepy old hag the works for the Finest Production Industries, the same company Maria used to work for The Cursus (which super villain are constantly yelling). The elderly prune named Control has informed Maria that there is a new missing person and wants to get the team back together to investigate the weird and the strange…except all of the team is now batty or dead. However: Maria, Robin Morel and Brigid Roth all are summoned to investgate! And what will happen next?

Injection is what might have happened if Mulder and Scully went mentally unstable and just gave up on everything when the world went insane. It’s written by a little known writer Warren Ellis, who leaves us curious on to what exactly is Injection and what is this whole strange new world that we are discovering, it could be a little confusing to some new readers however: Declan Shalvey art is a great fit with keeping everything distinct and easy to tell what’s going on. All in all I’m interested in seeing what Warren Ellis has in store for this title.

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  • Pabodie

    First issue was a shameless ripoff of the Southern Reach trilogy, right down to a character named “Control.” I’ll stick with NAMELESS for now.