COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Image Comics — Bitch Planet — Triple Feature #2

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Yeaaaas! I am absolutely in love with feminist ranting, triple feature book, Bitch Planet. Image Comics, Bitch Planet: Tripple Feature #2 is a great read and I am so glad that this comic is breaking the glass ceiling of sorts to deliver a fun and entertaining view of real world ladies issues. 

The first feature in this book is titled “Bits and Pieces”.  The story starts out in a Miss Tween Neck Competition. It looks like a pretty standard beauty contest with little girls, were an interesting turn is that it is sponsored by a ‘vitamin’ company. The little girls are popped these pills. I’m sure we will find out what is going on with that, but in the mean time, the girls are lined up to be measured. One girl gets sent off because she is not up to the measurements. She runs off sobbing while the other girls take the stage to perform a dance in front of a crowd and a very important person who will select a ‘winner’. The mystery man throws a rose on the stage and selects one of the gals named Tabitha. The rose thorned stem snakes up to her neck and she is knocked out. We see her waking up in a very ominous looking hospital or lab where she’s on a stretcher surrounded by tubs of other little girls floating in green stuff with their faults plastered as a label outside of their tubes. Damn, I’m not exactly sure what is going on, but it just cannot be good.

The second feature is titled “This is Good for You”, and I’m pretty sure that this title is in jest. You see a scene of ladies being corraled into a theatre where a propaganda film is playing with the subject of making the world safer for men.  Ah crap. I don’t like where this is going. The propaganda film goes on giving the viewer (us and these ladies in the story) a reason to stay home and to not be an unruly activist in the streets wanting equal rights. With scenes of a smiling woman seeing her man off to work while she gets all kinds of domesticated duties done. There are visuals of feminist protesters while the film goes on to say that when a woman no longer has the stress of work, her only role is to be her best self. This is all surrounded of smiling perfect ladies being injected will all kinds of things in a salon setting. Basically, just shut up and be pretty. Oh, and smile honey. Let me just tell you that the very strong feminist in me is about to flip the hell out already reading this, but I continued. You then see a TV show called ‘The Look’ talking about women interest stories like how to do silent yoga so you don’t have to have friendships with women and not being too fit. The blood boiling propaganda film continues with cut aways to women talking about how it’s a lady’s duty to crap out kids and stay skinny while taking care of all the men. Then you see the ‘bad’ women yelling about getting grounded by their husband, failing their weekly weigh ins, and getting a citation for getting their hair cut. Man, this film is rough to watch especially since it goes on to show the claim that women all over are ‘eagerly joining the self-care crusade’ with images of music being thrown out and a classroom full of women with the words, “Saying yes to everything makes you a positive citizen”. Along with a family scene being played out where the men in the family are not held to these standards and, in fact, are unbelievably cruel along with a visual of a woman on a treadmill running with a screen that just says, ‘FAT’. I’m about to flip a damn table right now.

The last story is called, “What’s Love Got to do With it?”. Sadly, not about Tina Turner, but an over the top look at the notion of a woman’s biological clock. We start off with a woman having a meal with her mom where her mom throws her an actual wrist watch style biological clock and tells her daughter she has two weeks to figure out this whole not having a mate thing. Damn, talk about pressure. In this reality, if you are not with someone, your parents have to pay a tax and her dad just can’t manage it. This single gal just can’t seem to catch a break so she calls her sister to gripe and pretty much gets nowhere with her. Her sister tells her, when it comes to finding a mate, “what’s the worst that could happen?” Oh boy, we are about to find out. Cut to dinner with a guy that her mom set her up with who is hung up on his ex and forgets his wallet to pay. She then switches to online dating while her biological clock watch tells her that she ate a lot of carbs and should do a salad next time Hold on tight for this. Perverts. All the perverts and insults that you could even imagine being thrown her way. She tries an app, and gets just dicks pics. Dick pics at work, dick pics at the grocery store. All. The. Damn. Time. All while her evil fitbit, biological clock thingy chirps on her wrist about how to please her man. Her co-worker tells her to just go do the ‘smart thing’ and go to a bar to meet someone. She does, for a brief time. seems to be going good until she comes back from the restroom finding the guy she was talking to tounge deep in another lady’s mouth. Panic sets into our lady and she has to do something desperate. She has to give birth to a perfect baby for another couple. Perfect meaning a not too ethnic looking baby. She does and is able to get out of the “Old Maid’ tax. Damn, that hit a bit too close to home, as an old maid myself.

Bitch Planet really took me for a ride. I am a single lady who has chosen a life of singledom and this comic book really hit close to home. I am a feminist and reading a good portion of these stories hit me right in the heart. I really liked it, and would read it again, but it did depress me a bit. It gave me a bleak outlook of women’s rights issues on the features. While reading the stories, it became very apparent that these scenarios are not too far off. Yeah, they might aba a little over the top, but still could be a reality. After reading the stories, it was nice to see a little bit more to the book in the form of the reader “Bitches Be Like…” after the features. There are interviews and feminist stories along with a pretty cringe worthy game of real life bingo that you could play. All in all, it was a great read and I absolutely love the social commentary of this book.

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