Comic Book Review: I Hate Fairyland

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Do you find yourself wanting to go to a magical world filled with candy, happiness, and possibly Bubs soft beard? Well you’re in luck because there’s a new happy fairytale book that’s right around the corner! It’s…not for kids at all..I Hate Fairyland

Gertrude our heroine is eaten by her floor and sent to a magical world filled with laughter, happiness and every single type of clique you could ever hope for b. With that being said we meet Queen Cloudia (pun!) who informs her that for no particular reason she was brought her, but poor little Gertrude just wants to go home, and the only way to go home is to find a key and that key leads to a door and that door leads to her home, and the entire adventure will take one day! So she grabs her fly companion Larrigon and they head off on their days quest…which was 27 years ago! Now Gertrudes body doesn’t age but her mind…her mind begins to deteriorate and starts to become a psychopathic rampaging monster who just doesn’t give a crap. That’s literally the entire story! Oh, and theirs blood…lots and lots of gore.

I Hate Fairyland is the strangest thing I’ve probably read this year. It’s a simple story but with the bonus feature of…if a small child is brought against her will to an unknown place with no concept of survival and also ages in mind and not body…what happens to them over time? The answer is..blood..blood and gore everywhere. Did I mention that it’s written and drawn by Skottie Young? The guy who did Rocket Raccoon! This is actually his first Image Comic Book, good for Skottie Young. However, with that being said I’m a little curious to find out what happens next but at the same time I do feel like this could get old really fast..but we shall see.

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