Comic Book Review: The Humans #3

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Have you woken up an found a tarantula in your toilet? That wasn’t a rhetorical questions, I’m really curious. With that being said we will finally be taking a look at the exciting world of Monkeys and the Vietnam war…I’m talking about The Humans.

The Humans #3 introduces what happened to Johnny while he was in the Vietnam war, we are introduced to his ape squadron known as the Spoilers, no I’m not giving a spoiler that’s their name the Spoilers, never mind. They are the best of the best which leads to Johnny becoming a lean mean fighting machine…which doesn’t actually happen. We then come back to the present time where Johnny heads over to a barn and discovers that their crew is creating a new drug called Spazm, because spelling isn’t for everyone, thus giving our story an opening for a new thing called…Skin fighting…which is people wrestling apparently.

The Humans continues to amaze me with each and every issue, you can really see Keenan Marshell Keller and Tom Neely writing and creating what could be come the next big thing since Planet of the Apes minus the Tim Burton one and King Kong. The Humans is a book that seems silly but really does dive into the hardship of war and brotherhood with a biker gang!

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