Comic Book Review: The Humans #2

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There is a time and a place to read comic books, sometimes you can read them at work, sometimes at night curled up in your bed, or reading it and then using it as toilet paper. Humans is the second option, because its not safe for work and it’s not terrible. However there is a big gaping question that has been on the minds of probably many readers….Why is there a person in the middle of the issue?

The second issue takes place after the first one, because counting is a requirement for releasing issues of a comic book. It follows a former Human turned soldier named Johnny who was apparently killed but because the government is awful with facts and double checking, they screwed up on the paper work and left him in Vietnam to die. Everyone is excited to see him back as the party hasn’t died down for the past few days after Mojos death in issue 1…so now they have another reason to party! Hurray!

Johnny it turns out isn’t himself as he has becoming a screaming angry, chimpanzee that no longer cares about America, with this issue it becomes a giant party as the first issue and doesn’t really go anywhere from there. We get a little flashback to when Johnny was training and fighting in the war for a short time but other then that it’s pretty much a filler book for the next coming issue.

In the long run issue 2 isn’t a waste of time to read as the art work is still that gritty anarchy rebel style thanks for Tom Neely and the story is pretty consistent with itself with Keenan Marshell Keller still holding onto the reigns. With that being said, check out The Humans Issue 2 in stores now, and get ready for some wild monkey of a good time. I will not go drink in the horror of that pun.

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