Comic Book Review: The Humans #1

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At this point there isn’t much to say except, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE WORLD!? Imagine if we were primates and I mean literally primates, not us as people or any of that evolution science stuff! I’m talking about what if the entire world was about Primates…and they road motorcycles. This is The Humans #1!


Written by Keenan Marshall Keller: Humans is like Sons of Anarchy meets Planet of the Apes, and that sentence couldn’t have gotten any more stranger than we are off to a pretty good start. The Humans starts off with the death of a comrade. The Humans are a wanted gang that are off to bury their dead….Primate…and surprisingly none of the gang members have puns in their names. That are soon attacked after some lovely monkey poetry and partying by their rival gang: The Skabbs.

That’s actually the entire first issue of The Humans, without giving the ending away the first issue keeps itself simple and makes the reader curious to continue on to the next issue. Though this does beg the biggest question: Is this going to be Sons of Anarchy or Planet of the Apes? OR is it going to be it’s own little spin?

Tom Neely does the art in this little gem that has appeared before us, and by god is it remarkable! It’s a simple yet makes you feel like you’re reading a Grind House movie. Honestly, this book couldn’t have been drawn in any other way. Look out for this little gem!