Comic Book Review: HellBlazer Rebirth #1

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So I’m a huge Constantine fan, I enjoy the Vertigo titles and really loved the new John Constantine Hellblazer by Ming Doyle. So when I heard that this was getting revived once again, I had to jump on it and see if it can stand on its own. Also…no I didn’t really care for the New 52 run Constantine, it was a little to kiddish. Also, I’m trying a new review style with this one.

The Con Artist Magician and is back and not played by Keanu Reeves! Returning to New York once again to fight the forces of evil…or just con the hell out of them! We are introduced to the Laughing Boy who places a curse on Constantine in order to prevent him from ever returning to New York. So what does he do? Well, return to New York of course!

Hellblazer Rebirth starts out a little confusing as unlike the rest of the Rebirth stories don’t actually follow the new 52 continuity or the Hellblazer reboot before that. That being said it is nice to see them brining back characters and with the appearance of some familiar super heroes, possibly confirms that our favorite Con Artist might get some more attention when it comes to crossing over with the big named heroes. Hellblazer exceeds in a lot of different areas by dropping us into an event and gives us fast paced energy and tons of fun! Pick it up!