Comic Book Review : Harley Quinn Rebirth

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I don’t even know where to begin with “this”.  I am truly at a loss for words, so I guess I will start with the parts I enjoyed; the artwork.

When it comes to creating an iconic image of a person, a w0man who many have come to love and identify with, I believe the hit the nail on the head with this one.

She’s sexy, witty and very intelligent. I think many of today’s woman and young woman see something in themselves that reminds them of Harley. Not the other way around. In the end, we all want to emulate people and things that we can see bits and pieces of ourselves in. We dress up and go to cons, or Halloween parties pretending to be someone else. If only for a moment.

The work done in Harley Quinn Rebirth, does her justice, when I think of her as a sex symbol and a very smart person, who may, at times, be quite likable. I’m used to Harley being this intangible person, who is the Joker’s main squeeze, in a sense.

It’s absolutely stunning and I just want the creators to know that it’s a beautiful book. Chad Hardin, you have really made your mark on this and I applaud you for it.  Well don sir.


Now.  Onto the story.  Let’s backtrack just a bit.  I have never read a Harley Quinn comic before this one, so maybe I’m a bit outta touch and have an odd sense of what she should be, or at least what I remember her as, when she was first introduced.  I want to express my opinion of this new creation, with sincerity and honesty, but not to hurt the feelings of the writers, because I’m sure they put a lot of thought and planning into this and for that they ” Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmotti” deserve a great deal of credit. It’s not easy starting from scratch and coming up with a revision of a character, that so many people have come to love very deeply.


I don’t understand this book.  I felt as though I was reading something that lacks cohesion.  To continue with my thoughts on the story.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  One moment “half the book I might add” we are in a very serine setting and then very quickly onto something else entirely.  Maybe I’m outta touch with how Harley has evolved over the years and just don’t understand, since I have never ready an actual Harley Quinn comic.

Please help me to understand this.


So, would I recommend this book?  That is the big question I guess.

If you are a Die-Hard Harley fan and love her previous storylines and just have to have it, then yes.  Go out and pickup a copy, available at your local comic stop.

If you are like myself and have never read one of her books before and just want some eye candy, then go pickup a copy and enjoy.

If you are like myself and never read one of her books before and just want to see what it’s like.  I have to say don’t do it, unless you absolutely feel the necessity and urge to do so.


Until next time,