Comic Book Review: Harbinger: Faith #0 (One Shot)

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Name at least 3 heavy set super heroes and then come back to me…no Blob is a villain, Bouncing Boy is not fat, Squirrel girls new art style doesn’t count. Man, this audience is horrible. Regardless lets look at the first Valiant title: Harbinger: Faith.

The Harbingers are now disbanded and broken after the Harbinger Wars we get a glimpse into the now together Torque and our lovable heavy set comic book nerd super hero: Zephyr. After the giant alien out break the Harbingers are now looked at as a danger and aren’t really needed in Mexico City, Torque is in talks to have a reality tv show staring himself and Zephyr which would make a pretty decent show…unlike Honey Boo Boo. Zephyr however doesn’t want to be a washed up sell out and decides to leave Torque and travel with her new…team!?

Joshua Dysart who is all to familiar with Harbingers is spot on with writing interesting character development, he really brings Faith as a regular person which sometimes in comic books you don’t see to much. Robert Gill does the art to tie it all together in a nice peaceful art style that is appealing to the eye.

This is my first time reviewing a Valiant title and I’m excited too dive into these titles as we’ve heard that a reboot is happening. Honestly, a small title like this is nice to see sometimes, This is a one shot about a nerdy geeky super hero that you don’t really see now days, it’s all wars and weird dimensional travel! But with Harbinger: Faith it’s a breath of fresh air, which I’d love to see more of this character in more to come series or even get her own book.