Comic Book Review: Green Arrow Rebirth #1

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DC Comics, Benjamin Percy, Otto Schmidt, 32 pages

All right, you know the drill…we are continuing on our crusade with Rebirth with an exciting installment of Green Arrow! He is also back with his signature goatee! But how is it?

So apparently someone is auctioning off homeless people, that’s how we will start this review. We get a glimpse of human trafficking at the Seattle Docks by a group of vampire things called The Underground Men and who shows up to stop them? Green Arrow and Black Canary that’s who! Also, they are joined by who I believe is Emiko Queen (New 52 Green Arrow #18). After beating the poop out of the bad guys we have Black Canary and Green Arrow bone and then we discover that the Underground Men are human trafficking with Queen Industries shipping containers…so what can this mean?

Green Arrow Rebirth is probably one of the best ones I’ve read and reviewed so far, it has a lot of drama and action in it, but keeps you guessing as to who the true villain is and the big twist at the end was definitely a shocker! So far Rebirth has just been so-so with me, but Green Arrow Rebirth #1 is a recommendation that is hard to pass up!

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