Comic Book Review: Great Divide #1

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When I say Apocalypse what is the first thing you think of? Barren wasteland? Poe Dameron? Bub taking his shirt off in all his glory? What about not being able to touch? Like physical contact touch…This is the Great Divide.

The Great Divide brings an apocalyptic tale where if someone touches you, you die in complete agony. Any form of human skin contact will lead to this. Humanity has pretty much wiped itself out, the survivors are people who have not touched anyone since the outburst and live together in a large mansion with sex mannequins…what? However, there are those that have been driven insane, when you do kill someone by touch, you absorb a piece of their memories and live in a more dual personality state. Which would drive anyone mad…oh and our hero is a thief with no motivation to save the world!

Holds an interesting questions: “How does one live in a world without human contact?” Ben Fisher brings this question to the table in a very creative way by throwing us into the fray of that very question! He does not hesitate to get straight into the chaos and jumps ahead where humanity has already settled for this being their new life.

Adam Markiewiczs art is dull and captures the post apocalyptic feel to it rather well, it isn’t to bright and colorful but still holds your attention enough to appreciate the story and the art work at the same time!

This book was a little hard to review, not because it is not good, its very creative and does capture my attention to continue reading the story. But I kind of wish we could have seen a little bit more as to what is going on, the book holds your attention but by the end and thinking about it, you feel like it could end up being like any other post apocalyptic book where our hero is the only one who has the cure…and he’s a bad guy who does not care.

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