Comic Book Review: Graveyard Shift #2

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There was a time when I was turned into a vampire, it was awful some depressed girl kept following me around and wanted me to sparkle like Crest toothpaste. Apparently biting her and then drinking her blood wasn’t an alternative to the request…who knew!?

Graveyard Shift issue 2 leaves our hero Liam in the mist of fighting his girlfriend Hope as a vampire, after throwing her against a tombstone and then running into a small chapel with a cross on it, Hope follows him in and turns back into her human self. After nonchalantly blowing off the fact that she’s a vampire, they wait out the night and try to get to safety, after getting frustrated that she got burned in the sun and didn’t become a disco ball like a real vampire, Liam does what any rational person would do and throws her into the trunk of a car. They arrive at a hotel (how did she get there is my first question?) and plan for their next move;  which is running away together and having a deformed CGI baby.

Graveyard Shift is just plain silly, the story is a little vague if vampires are a normal occurrence or just a rare issue at hand. Jay Faerber does still hold a consistency with his story and it shows promise on what’s to come. Does Fran Bueno realize that his rendition of a vampire is a really good design? Because they are terrifying.

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