Comic Book Review: Graveyard Shift #1

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Alright it’s time to review some Image books!….What do you mean there isn’t anything out this week? What do you mean that it’s a holiday? What do you mean the only thing I have to look at is a vampire story in the middle of December? What do you mean it’s called The Graveyard Shift?

Graveyard Shift opens up with some cops who are doing a raid on an apartment at 4am, and then complaining that their is no epic loot or exp involved. They bust down a door and discover absolutely nothing, but then a vampire jumps out and attacks them all, hopefully it’s covered by their insurance. Cut to the main character: Liam also a cop and his girlfriend Hope not a cop, and they are also attacked by vampires, who are not cops! Which seems to be a pattern.

Graveyard Shift is an interesting title considering it is coming out right before Christmas, Jay Faeber writes the story of this tragic tale and to be frank it takes a minute to realize that it’s a little bit like Buffy and the Lost Boys, so maybe that’s a good thing. Artist Fran Bueno brings the entire book together with his deep colors and brilliant scenery. Graveyard Shift is the perfect stocking stuffer for the holiday season…Happy Halloween everybody!