Comic Book Review: Goners #1

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Have you ever had that one comic book you picked up from the comic book store, had no idea what it was…took it home, read it…and you still don’t know what it was? That’s Goners.


Jacob Semahn (Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man), artist Jorge Corona (Teen Titans Go!) team up to bring us Goners, which is a horror, fantasy, mystery smorgasbord about demon hunting husband and wife duo Raleigh and Evelyn Latimer.

Goners starts off with an interesting twist with the husband and wife duo being on a reality tv show about demon hunting. Their kids Josiah and Zoe are watching their parents fight the bad guys on international tv, which would be a pretty awesome thing to watch if it wasn’t for the fact that both their parents are killed by said demons. This sends the focus on the kids when their house are invaded by BLUE ZOMBIE PEOPLE, and then a detective comes out of no where and beats up the blue zombie people…and that’s it.


Goners would be an incredible concept, though the book feels as if it doesn’t even know what concept it tries to have. Jacob Semahn tries to cram a lot of exposition into it’s 32 pages without even getting to know the actual characters, most of the book makes the reader feel like they should already know what is going on, with being vague about what exactly is going on. As for the the art, it’s probably some of the best I’ve seen from Jorge Corona, considering his work on Teen Titans Go! is pretty childish, it’s nice to see him actually show his true talents with drawing a cartoony yet realistic style settings. For an avid fan of the weird and the strange comic book titles, here’s hoping that Goners is going to get better in issue #2 in November.

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