Comic Book Review: Generation Zero #1

In Comic Books, Valiant by Iron Squid3 Comments

Valiant has really been really branching off with stories lately, cross overs, big events, and of course BRAND NEW CHARACTERS! This is Generation Zero!

Right out of the pages of Harbinger Wars is a team that is essentially Anonymous but they actually accomplish something, instead of being a fat sweaty guy behind a computer. Keisha our main character falls in love with a boy and he ends up dying! So in order to prove that he was murdered she #Zeros and tells them her cause!

Generation Zero is a unique spin on how a hero team could be run if they were an activist group without the picket signs, they do not help just anybody, but only those who are deemed “worthy,” as far as I can tell. Which is actually an amazing premise!

The only other thing I can actually say is that you might have to read Harbinger Wars to really understand the premise and unfortunately I did not read Harbinger Wars, so someone picking this up and wants to experience Valiant for the first time might be a little confused at some points, such as the fake town…

The artwork is beautiful and very pleasing on the eyes by Francis Portela and it even has Fred Van Lente who wrote one of my Top 10 comics, Ivar Timewalker…so that’s a huge plus!

But honestly if you want a productive Anonymous group without the Guy Fawks masks…pick this up.